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Laws and Regulations

21.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Regulations Governing the Health Examination for Faculty and Staff2022-12-01
22.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Table of Remuneration Standards for Faculty and Staff Members2022-12-01
23.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Standards Governing the Funding of Flexible Salaries and Incentives to Recruit and Retain Exceptional Talent2022-12-01
24.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives Governing Incentives for Newly Hired Exceptional Talents2022-12-01
25.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives Governing Flexible Additional Pay for Faculty Members and Research Fellows2022-12-01
26.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Higher Education SPROUT Project—Standards for the Issuance of Salaries and Wages2022-12-01
27.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Regulations for Faculty Members’ and Researchers’ Remuneration other than Base Salary (Seniority Pay) and Additional Pay and Personnel Expenses for Supernumerary Employees2022-12-01
28.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives Governing Additional Compensation for Faculty Members and Research Fellows2022-12-01
29.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives for Appointing Distinguished Professors and Implementing Their Differential Pay2022-12-01
30.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives for the Remuneration of Faculty Members and Research Fellows Serving as Functional Supervisors2022-12-01
31.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives for Maintaining the Physical and Mental Well-being of Faculty, Staff, and Students2022-12-01
32.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Directives Governing Tokens of Appreciation Gifted to Faculty and Staff Members upon Retirement or Resignation2022-12-01
33.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Regulations Governing Professorial Service Extensions2022-12-01
36.NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY Regulations for the Implementation of the Employee Assistance Program2023-04-11