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Land Bank of Taiwan selected as the provider for “Considerate Personal Loans” - Nationwide Consumer Loan Program for Civil Servants in 2021-2024 through public bidding. Colleagues could kindly refer to and utilize this information accordingly.

  1. Eligibility: Employees of central and local governmental agencies, public schools, and government-owned enterprises (including employees during unpaid parental leave, employees with continuous service of at least one year, and substitute teachers in public junior high schools (vocational) or below who have served continuously for at least two academic years).

  2. Loan interest rate: The interest rate is determined by adding 0.485% to the current two-year fixed deposit interest rate of Chunghwa Post (currently at an annual interest rate of 1.33%).

  3. Related fees: The fee for each postal inquiry is 100 TWD per person per time.

  4. Loan term: The maximum loan term is seven years.

  5. Loan amount: The maximum loan amount per person is 2 million TWD. When combined with loans of a similar nature from other financial institutions, the total monthly repayment amount, including principal and interest, shall not exceed one-third of the monthly salary (wage). Additionally, the total outstanding balance after consolidating unsecured debts from all financial institutions, divided by the average monthly income, shall not exceed 22 times.

  6. Guarantee responsibility: Borrowers with loans exceeding 800,000 TWD shall provide real estate collateral or find one general guarantor. The general guarantor shall be an employee of central or local governmental agencies, public schools, or government-owned enterprises (with an employment certificate issued by the agencies, schools, governmental agencies, and state-owned enterprises) and meet the credit standards, assuming general guarantee responsibilities.

  7. Application process: Please contact the branches of Land Bank of Taiwan. Additionally, for more convenient and comprehensive services, borrowers can also apply for personal credit online through the bank’s Individual Financial Services Platform ( The application, contract signing, and collateral arrangements can be completed online. For inquiries, please call 02-2314-6633 or 0800-231-590.